Your engagement session

You have planned your wedding, dress is selected, venue is booked, catering and menu is finalized. Now it’s time for some engagement photos This guide will help you in planning your engagement session.


What to wear? This is the most frequently asked question and there are 4 simple rules that we have come up with while deciding on the outfit. The rule is,

  • Carry two sets of clothes #1 formal #2 casual…but not very casual..we will explain what that means soon.
  • Avoid matching colours
  • Use complementary colours they are more pleasing to eyes
  • Avoid patterns or checks shirt

We usually do engagement session in 2 sets of clothes, one with formals where guy is in suit and girl is wearing an evening gown. Whereas 2nd set of clothes are more casual like guy in jeans/khakis and plain shirt whereas girl is wearing a casual skirt and top or jeans and top. We don’t recommend guys wearing shorts on engagement session as it doesn’t bring wow factor in photos. So be casual…but not very casual in clothing.

Pic1. Formal clothing

Pic2.Casual clothing


We have a below list of locations in SF/Bayarea for engagement session but apart from these locations if there is any place that has played a significant role in your love story like a coffee shop or a university book store we do engagement sessions at these locations as well.

  • Palace of Fine Arts
  • Legion of Honor
  • Marin Headlands
  • Fort Point
  • Baker Beach
  • Crissy Field
  • Japanese Tea Garden
  • Stow Lake


What is the best time for photoshoot? Sunrise or sunset is the best time to do a engagement shoot as the skies are golden and light is soft which gives a dreamy look to the photos. If you schedule a shoot on midday then the light is going to be very harsh and pictures are not going to be soft, they will be more contrasty image. Below 2 images should give you and idea of how pictures look in sunset vs. midday.

Shot at sunset

Shot at midday when the sun was harsh.


Just a basic makeup that every girl knows is good enough for engagement session and there is no need of a professional makeup and hair. But if you are looking for a professional makeup/hair and don’t know where to find one, then we have a few makeup artists that we have worked with in the past and will be happy to connect you with them.

Ready… Dressed …Go!!

Pretty much this is all you need to plan your engagement session. So just relax a bit, kiss him on the cheeks, dance with him on the beach, walk few yards holding his hands reminiscing your first date and smile looking at those beautiful eyes on the engagement session and its done. No ..not done yet, I need a post packup selfie with you guys and a mochi ice cream to call it done 🙂

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