Who is behind Surreal Weddings?

Rohit B. is the eye behind lens of surreal weddings. An Electrical Engineer from USC, his love affair with photography started when he bought his first camera in 2011. What he likes about photography is that it has myriad of variables ranging from lighting, subject, composition, expressions and posing which makes no two days same and it is a creative challenge everyday to come up with a unique solution every time for every situation. The engineer in him provides the analytics, while the artist in him strives for the Aesthetics!!! His wedding images now have a surreal signature style, which if one wants to define in words can say it as a concoction of beautiful composition, vibrant colours, flare of glamour and drama in it.

What is Surreal Weddings?

Surreal weddings is a boutique wedding photography service based in San Francisco and available to cover your wedding at any part of the world. We like to capture not just the image but the feelings and emotions at that moment, so even after 20 years if you hold the picture you have memories to cherish, you have a smile on your face looking at “the proposal” , you have tears in your eyes looking at “Fathers speech”, you have nostalgia of “craziness with bridesmaids”, “the mischievous Best Man” and a realisation that “the Beautiful girl in the Gown” or the “Handsome Guy in the Tuxedo” is actually YOU !! Weddings are like a dream world where everything seems perfect, there is happiness, there is naughtiness, a few tears and at the end of the day a Prince taking his Princess to a Castle. And all these timeless moments beautifully captured for you by Surreal Weddings.